2022 NSW Waratahs Membership FAQ
What is the pricing for 2022?

Membership prices forthe 2022 season vary depending on what category of seating you wish to purchase. Prices can be found on our membership website here.

Can I pay via instalments?

Yes, select memberships can be paid via 5 monthly instalments that will be automatically deducted from your nominated debit or credit card. These will occur on the 15th of each month between November 2021 and March 2022. Please note Supporter Memberships, membership add-ons and donations are not available on installments.

Do renewing members receive a discount?

Yes, 2021 Full Season members who renew within the first 4 weeks will receive a loyalty discount of approx. 10%, after this period members who renew will do so at full price. Please note this discount only applies to Full Season packages and does not include Life Membership subscriptions or partial season and non-access memberships (ie Supporter or Baby members).

What seating options are available in 2022?

Members will have three seating options for their membership packages in 2022; Category 1, Category 2 and General Admission. Please note the Premium unreserved seating option in previous seasons is no longer available.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend games?

The Waratahs want all our members and fans to feel safe about coming to the rugby and will follow those rules as set out by the NSW government, in line with public health orders and venue operators at the time of the match.

How do flexi memberships work?

Members who purchase a 4 Game, 2 Game or Country Membership will receive a membership card that includes a redemption code. All partial season members will be required to redeem their tickets on a game-by-game basis using this redemption code. Instructions on the process per venue will be communicated to members once tickets are available to redeem.

How will seats be allocated for 2022?

Seats will be allocated based on the membership category held and for renewing members will be based on your 2021 seats. - Priority 1 - Honorary/Foundation Life Members - Priority 2 - Life Members - Priority 3 - Season Members

2021 members who renew prior to the 4 week window will receive priority seating. After this period seating will be based on a first-come-first serve basis

Members will have the opportunity to nominate preferred seating during the renewal process. Members can also contact the NSW Waratahs Membership team via email or phone to provide seating preferences. While we make every effort to fulfil all requests, specific seating at the various venues cannot be guaranteed.

When will my seating be allocated?

Seating will be allocated once venues are confirmed. Members will be informed via email when their seats have been allocated. They will then have the opportunity to contact the Waratahs to discuss alternative seating, should this be available.

How do I ensure I am seated with my friends/family?

During the purchase of your membership you will be asked fill in the names of all members you wish to sit with at the games, this will be the basis on which we allocate groups.  

What happens to my seat when we return to the new Allianz Stadium/SFS?

We will reward the members who remain with us during the stadium rebuild. The seat allocation for the new stadium will be based on loyalty and will be broken up into the following groups; - Priority Group 1- Life Members (including Honorary Life Members, Foundation Life Members, Life Members who have retained their seats during the relocation and Life Member Plus) - Priority Group 2- Season Members - again, this will be based on loyalty - Priority Group 3- Flexi and non-ticketed members upgrading to season tickets - Priority Group 4- Members wishing to purchase additional seats - Priority Group 5- New Members

I downgraded my membership to a reduced membership package/non-ticketed membership while we moved away from Allianz Stadium

- Members who retain a full season membership during the relocation period will be rewarded by remaining at the top of the priority list when we move back to the new stadium - Those who downgrade to a single venue, flexi or non-ticketed membership will be allocated into the applicable priority groups outlined above

Who qualifies as a junior & concession?

Junior members are those aged between 4 – 16 as of the 1st January 2022. Children under 3 do not require a ticket if they will not occupy their own seat and sit on somebody’s lap (this dependant on individual venue COVID plans). Concession members are those aged 17 years (inclusive) as of 1st January 2022, full government pension card holders (War, Aged, TPI, Invalid and Disability), NSW Senior Cards, full-time Tertiary students including International Student Cards.

Will public transport be included in membership and ticketing?

Discussions with Transport NSW are ongoing in regards to matches including public transport and will be dependant on COVID restrictions/regulations. Members will be informed of this as soon as the NSW Waratahs receive confirmation.

Can somebody else use my membership if I can’t make it to the games?

Yes, as long as the recipient is the same class as the member (ie. Child, concession, etc.) they can use your seat for games you are not able to attend

When will I receive my membership pack?

As result of the late changes with the Super Rugby Pacific draw and delays with our overseas suppliers member packs will not start to arrive with members until late Feb/Early March. If you are purchasing membership after this time packs can take 1-2 weeks to arrive via mail. Members will receive notification via email when their pack has been lodged with Australia Post.

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