Positive Mental Health messages during isolation with Batyr CEO Nic Brown

For many of us in the rugby community who are use to spending this time of year surrounded by our mates at our rugby club, physical isolation is a strange new world and one which has implications for both our physical and mental wellbeing.

In this episode we hear from Nic Brown the CEO of youth mental health organisation batyr. Nic has some great tips for both our own mental health and how to keep and eye out for friends and family
batyr is a fantastic organisation which the Positive Rugby Foundation and NSW Rugby have partnered with for over two years to support our rugby communities. Their positive and relatable messages help us work together to smash the stigma around mental health.
We hope this episode helps you look after both yourselves and those important to you during these challenging times.
Find out more on batyr out at batyr.com.au or follow @batyraus on social.