1 MAY - NSW Schools Report Card

NSW Rugby Union
by NSW Rugby


Trinity Grammar School 1st XV v Oakhill College 1st XV
17 - 14

By Oscar Nowak Allcorn, Oakhill Y10 Student & Waratah’s Junior Reporter
Photos courtesy of Mari Khamis
1 May 2021

Trinity Grammar School just got the better of Oakhill College in a game packed with intensity and a final score of 17-14.

Both Oakhill and Trinity started the game with purpose and confidence, with both teams running hard into the opposition to deliver some flowing rugby.

Oakhill was giving away too many penalties in the opening 5 minutes, one of which Trinity elected to kick for goal. Fly-half Hunter Hannaford booted the ball between the posts and Trinity got their first points of the game.

Except for all the penalties, Oakhill started the game really well. Their outstanding lineouts allowed the backs to do set plays and spread the ball out wide. And when Oakhill did exactly that they were scoring points. Trinity had a lineout 10 metres away from the half-way line in Oakhill’s half and Oakhill won it. The backs passed it out wide to the outside center Matthew Hurst. Two phases later Oakhill spread the ball out wide again to the winger Shayan Dolatshahi and using his quick speed he scored for Oakhill in the corner. Fullback Brae Harriss converted the try successfully which made the score 3-7.

Trinity also had a good start to the game but they were not using the ball as effectively as they hoped to. Losing the ball in the ruck and broken up play from the penalties affected Trinity’s gameplan. 

Towards the back end of the 19th minute, Trinity conceded a penalty 10m from the half-way line in their half. Oakhill spread the ball out wide to winger Shayan Dolatshahi. Dolatshahi made a brilliant run along the sideline until Trinity caught up with him. Oakhill used the ball for 3 phases trying to get through Trinity’s forwards and on the fourth phase, Oakhill finally scored. The conversion was made successful by Brae Harris.
At this point, Trinity recovered their initial game intensity with newly found momentum. Trinity had the feed on a scrum 20 metres away from the tryline. The ball didn’t make its way very far in their backline from the scrum, but Trinity kept the ball alive. After 3 or 4 phases, the fly-half Hunter Hannaford spread the ball out to the backs all the way to their winger Dominic Feros. By the time Feros got the ball he was only 10 metres from the tryline and with as little as a step or two, Feros scored for Trinity. Hunter Hannaford converted the try which made the score 10-14.

Trinity continued to apply pressure and phase after phase they made their way 50 metres down the field until Oakhill got the ball from the ruck. Oakhill spread the ball to fullback Brae Harris. Harris passed the ball to Shayan Dolashahi and he ran 20 metres before kicking the ball back infield trying to link the ball back up with his teammates. But Trinity’s fullback got the ball and as soon as the fullback Kian Edmed laid a hand on the ball Oakhill’s scrum-half Hunter Hosking tackled him 10 metres from Trinity’s tryline. 

Trinity’s momentum continued towards the end of the first half. Trinity had a scrum 15 metres from the tryline. Fly-half Hunter Hannaford got the ball from the scrum and then grubber kicked the ball towards the tryline. Center Olly White grounded the ball and put Trinity back in front.

Half time score sat at 17-14. The first half saw 11 penalties - 7 conceded by Oakhill, 9 scrums - 7 of those where Trinity’s feed and 2 of those where Oakhill’s feed but Oakhill won 3 of Trinity’s scrums on top of their own scrums.

The second half was extremely competitive and physical.  Referee William Sandwell gave away 13 penalties and 12 scrums in the second half. These calls made the game very stop-and-start, killing the momentum of both teams.

Oakhill’s Hunter Hoskins and Trinity’s Paulo Tauiliili-Pelesasa made some really good tackles.  While there were many scrums which allowed backs to do their set plays by both teams, they resulted in no points scored by either team. 

The final score was 17-14 Trinity’s win, but the scoreboard didn’t reflect how both teams played and the many lost opportunities, particularly in the second half.