Codes and Policies

In 2018, Rugby Australia partnered with Sports Chaplaincy Australia (SCA) to formalise our relationship and engagement throughout the rugby community.

Rugby Australia have been working with SCA for many years and are proud to now formalise our relationship and continue to grow the number of Chaplain's in our rugby clubs and bodies across the country. SCA provide pastoral care to local sporting communities through their sports chaplains. Sports Chaplains are able to provide care and support despite your religious or cultural background/beliefs. 

Sports Chaplains can provide a range of services in addition to pastoral care, these include:

- Personal support/mentoring
- Suicide awareness
- Stress management support
- Crisis management and recovery services
- Life skills support
- Referral support 

Through their ClubCare Access Program they are able to provide critical response to any rugby participant (coach, referee, player, administrator) affected by a serious incident in the rugby community, this includes debriefing delivery. 

SCA have appointed a state manager to assist in the delivery of pastoral care across their respective regions. Please see below for the relevant contacts should you wish to contact your state/territory based contact direct. If you wish to appoint a dedicated Sports Chaplain to your rugby club you can also discuss this with your state/territory manager.

QLD – Steve Yeo - 0414 415 400

NSW – Steve Yeo - 0414 415 400

ACT – Steve Yeo - 0414 415 400

WA – Kim Van Keule - 0421 211 066

Vic – Noel Morley – 0448 811 506

TAS – David Hobbs – 0427 235 470

NT – Roger Johnson – 0429 356 601

SA – Roger Johnson – 0429 356 601

SCA only appoint accredited and trained Sports Chaplains who are bound by a Professional Code of Conduct as well as Rugby Australia's policies and procedures. Please visit the Sports Chaplaincy Australia website for more information.