Workout With The Waratahs

Workout with the Waratahs at home with exercises from NSW Waratahs players!

Choose from the list the type of workout you're looking for:

Core     High Intensity     Body Weight     Over Unders     Passing Primers     Scrummaging         Box Kicks



Jake Gordon's
Box Kicking

Watch as NSW Waratahs scrumhalf Jake Gordon takes you through how to execute two variations of the box kick!

Tetera Faulkner's
Scrummaging Technique

Tetera Faulkner is a technician when it comes to scrummaging. Here he is displaying the intricacies for improving your scrummaging techniques.

Iliseva Batibasaga's
Passing Primers

A perfect drill not only for scrumhalves.

Perfect you passing with Batibasagas primers.

Emily Chancellor's
Over and Under Workout

All you need is a couple of chairs and a piece of string.

The video says it all.

Very simple isolation workout.

Oneata Schwalger's
Body Weight Workout

Body weight workout! NO Equipment needed

X10 Frogs
X10 Crawl Up & Back
X10 Walk Back
X10 Rhinos
X10 Kicksits
X10 Half Hindus

No rest in between work outs

X3 rounds
2min rest GO


Sera Naiqama's
High Intensity Workout

1a. Battle Ropes (Mountain Climbers if you don't have battle ropes)

1b. Shuttle Runs -15m

2a. Skipping

2b. Over the Shoulder Med Ball Throws

3a. Lateral Banded Shuttles

3b. Dumbell Bent Over Row

4a. Dumbell Overhead Press

4b. Plank

40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. Do each superset 3 times!


Chris Talakai's
Frontrow Core Workout

12x V Sits

12x Side Plank with Leg Raises (each side)

10x Rollouts (With a barbell, roller, anything with wheels)

Repeat 3 rounds




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