26 JUN - NSW Schools Report Card

NSW Rugby Union
by NSW Rugby



Waverley College 18 def 17 Barker College
Cranbrook School 36 def 34 Trinity Grammar School, Sydney
Knox Grammar School 47 def 0 St Aloysius' College


St Augustine's College - Sydney 47 def 14 Oakhill College
St Pius X College 24 def 6 St Patrick's College, Strathfield


St.Augustine’s College 1st XV  v Oakhill College 1st XV
47 - 14

By Oscar Nowak Allcorn, Oakhill Y9 Student & NSW Rugby Junior Reporter
25 July 2020

Finally!! Some normality is creeping in slowly with schoolboy rugby returning to Pittwater Rugby Park. With a Saturday full of rugby between the home team, St. Augustine’s College and the away team, Oakhill College, there were a lot of happy players coming back onto the paddock to play some pre-season footy. After a great win from Oakhill’s 2nd XV against St. Augustine’s 2nd XV, St. Augustine’s 1st XV got the better of Oakhill College’s 1st XV with a final score of 47-14. 

At 3:15 pm at Pittwater Rugby Park, Oakhill’s 1st XV started the game, kicking off to St. Augustine’s. Oakhill chased the kick off and St. Augustine’s knocked on the ball off the kick off which led to Oakhill to play on with the ball in their possession. Following on from that Oakhill had great line depth and were spreading the ball out wide whenever they could. Oakhill”s backs were consistently looking for opportunities to score and there was good communication between number 9 and 10, Lachlan Pethybridge and Brock Wells. 

The first line break of the game was from St. Augustine’s number 10, Jed Walsh. Walsh  
made the linebreak on the halfway line and sprinted towards the tryline. Fortunately for Oakhill, their number 10 Brock Wells was on Walsh’s tail and tackled him 3 metres from the try line. For the next 7 phases, St. Augustine’s kept trying to get the ball over the line as they were centimetres away from the line but Oakhill did very well to keep them from scoring.  But St. Augustine’s found an overlap out on the wing and they took the opportunity and fullback Nathan Gentner went over the line to put the first points up on the scoreboard.

2 minutes after the first try of the game there was another big play from St. Augustine’s. It was a very similar situation as the first try scored. The backline of St. Augustine’s passed the ball out wide and winger Tom Jannatt got past his opposite number and scored. 

St. Augustine’s had the most possession of the ball in the first half. Their forwards were constantly looking for an offload resulting in great linebreaks getting very close to the tryline which showed on the scoreboard. Although Oakhill did have many good runs with the ball at various stages of the game, both Oakhill’s wingers Nicholas Charlwood and Shayan Dolatshahi made some great metres and just little things like executing the pass kept Oakhill from scoring what would have been awesome tries. 

Oakhill did very well in the lineouts, they ended up getting the ball from the throw in or forced St. Augustine’s to make an error. 

With only 5 minutes till the referee blew his whistle for half time, St. Augustine’s took advantage of a scrum feed they had 10 metres from the try line. St. Augustine’s number 9, Ed Sproule passed the ball to number 10 Jed Walsh and he kicked it towards the corner of the in-goal area and winger Jerve Michniewick caught the ball 3 metres from the line and scored. St. Augustine’s continued their momentum scoring another try 2 minutes later. Number 12 Dan O’Donnell made a breakthrough the line of defence and sprinted 45 metres to the try line to score.

Half time score was 28-0. Oakhill stood with their heads up high going into the second half.  

St. Augustine’s started the second half kicking off to Oakhill. In the first 13 minutes of the half St. Augustine’s scored twice. 

The first try was by prop Sam Eden. The try was off a scrum which was 15 metres from the try line, on the far left of the field. St. Augustine’s backs tried to get through Oakhill but the defence from Oakhill’s backs stopped them from scoring. St. Augustine’s passed the ball out wide to Sam Eden and being the forward that he is he powered over the try line and scored. 

The other try that St. Augustine’s scored was by the winger Jerve Michniewick. St. Augustine’s was right on the try line and Michniwick had no one in front of him. He called for the ball and went off the line in the corner of the in-goal area. At this point the scoreboard sat at 40-0. 

15 minutes into the second half and the rain started. This changed the conditions of the game and the way both teams played. Oakhill took advantage of the conditions and did not hesitate to look for ways to score. 

Oakhill’s reserve back James Skuados read what St. Augustine’s number 9 Lachie Cruickshank was going to do. St. Augustine’s was inside their 22 and Cruickshank wanted to get the ball out of their half and went to do a box kick. Skuados went for the charge down and stopped the kick just as the ball came off Cruickshank's boot. Skuados dived on the ball and sprinted to the try line untouched by St. Augustine’s and scored Oakhill’s first points of the year.

A few minutes later Oakhill got extremely close to their opponent’s try line but unfortunately, they got tackled into touch. But Oakhill got the ball back from a bad kick St. Augustine’s number 10 Jed Walsh did, which only went 10 metres giving Oakhill great possession of the ball. 3 phases later Oakhill’s reserve number 9 Finn Watkins got the ball over the line giving Oakhill 14 points on the scoreboard. 

Oakhill kept the intensity up for the remainder of the game but St. Augustine’s got the better of Oakhill and after a few phases of the forwards running the ball into Oakhill’s defence, St. Augustine’s winger Jerve Michniewick scored the match sealer just on the full time hooter in the corner of the in-goal area. 

St. Augustine’s number 10 Jed Walsh kicked all of St. Augustine’s conversions, getting 6 out of the 7 tries converted and Oakhill’s number 15 Brae Harris converted both of Oakhill’s tries.

At the end of the day St. Augustine’s College defeated Oakhill College 47-14.  Both teams played an exciting game of rugby - an awesome warm up for the 8th of August start of the ISA season.


St. Augustine’s College
Tries Nathan Gentner, Tom Jannatt, Jerve Michniewick (3),  Dan O’Donnell, Sam Eden
Conversions:  Jed Walsh (6/7 with a 86% success rate)

Oakhill College
Tries: James Skuados, Finn Watkins
Conversions: Brae Harris (2/2 with a 100% success rate)