6 JUN: NSW Schools Report Card

NSW Rugby Union
by NSW Rugby


Waverley 39-17 Cranbrook
St Pius 8-57 Oakhill
Barker 69-8 St Aloysius
St Augustine's 27-14 Kinross Wolaroi
Knox 62-36 Trinity
Scots 21-15 King's
St Joseph's 38-13 Newington
Riverview 36-12 Shore


NSW Schools Junior Reporter Articles:

St. Pius v Oakhill  Riverview v Shore


St. Pius X 1st XV v Oakhill College 1st XV 
8 - 57

By Oscar Nowak Allcorn, Oakhill Y10 Student & Waratah’s Junior Reporter
Photos courtesy of Michael Remaili from Action Sport Photos

Oakhill College continues its unbeaten ISA season campaign after another convincing win, this time against St. Pius X College with a final score of 8-57. 

After a great win by Oakhill’s 2nd XV beating Pius 2nd XV by 0-80, the 1st XV fixture was on the way. Both teams started the game with great intensity. Pius was looking particularly dangerous at times in the first 15 minutes. 

Oakhill had several opportunities early in the game to put the first points on the board but failed to execute their plays. 

Pius started with a great game plan and structure as they were getting very close to the try line on multiple occasions but Oakhill’s defence was extremely good. For 5 minutes straight,Pius was centimeters away from the tryline but Oakhill defended their line until a penalty was blown. 

The game saw 4 yellow cards, all of which were to Oakhill. The first one was given within minutes of the game, to Domenico De Stradis. 8 minutes later prop Jayden Moujalli was given a yellow card for tackling a player while offside from a penalty. The third yellow card went to full back Patrick Spence for tackling a player too high and a fourth yellow card.

In the 16th minute of the first half Oakhill conceded a penalty to Pius 25 meters from the tryline. They elected to kick for goal. Charlie Sharp made the kick and put the first points on the scoreboard 3-0. 

At this point, Oakhill stepped up their game - they passed the ball to the blindside to Domenico De Stadis, who ran through a hole sprinting 30 meters before Grubber kicked the ball towards the posts. Patrick Spence collected the ball and passed it to Finn Watkins. Finn Watkins scored under the posts. Conversion was successful by Brae Harriss.

Oakhill kept their momentum going for several minutes more.  Angus Griffin made a great line break just before he offloaded the ball to fullback Patrick Spence. Spence ran to the try line but got tackled by Pius’ fullback Oscar MacDonald. Spence offloaded the ball while on the ground to Oakhill scrum-half Finn Watkins, who passed it to his winger Shayan Dolatshahi.  Dolatshahi scored, getting the score to 3-12. 

With 10 minutes remaining in the first half, Oakhill scored 2 more tries against Pius.  WInger Shayan Dolatshah scored the first try from a blindside play made by fullback Patrick Spence. Domenico De Stradis scored the second try off a scrum. Center Michael Abdow got the ball from the scrum and made a line break, he then passed the ball to flanker Jett Peters making good meters and passing the ball to Domenico De Stradis but he was tackled around the neck when grounding the ball and the referee called a Penalty Try to Oakhill. 

Half time score was 3-26.

Oakhill went into the second half confident with a 23 point lead against Pius. Seconds into the second half, Oakhill’s flanker Jett Peters scored from poor defence by Pius. Oakhill kept their top form, the pressure on and the tries coming in the second half, scoring impressive 5 tries. 

Pius put up a fair fight, scoring in the 13th minute. Oakhill was defending their line for 8 minutes straight while Pius was looking for opportunities to score. They found it down the blindside. The ball went to centre Ben Ferguson on the blindside and he scored. Making the score 8-31. 

For the rest of the game Oakhill dominated the attack.

Oakhill used the ball through the hands all the way to their winger. Oakhill’s flanker Cooper Griffin got the ball and drew Pius’ winger towards him, making space for Oakhill’s winger. Shayan Dolatshahi got the ball and sprinted down the try line to score. The conversion was successful by Brae Harriss.  The score was sitting on 8-38.

Soon after, Oakhill’s winger Shayan Dolatshahi scored again. Half-back Hunter Hoskins passed the ball to captain Sam Pickard, he then passed the ball to Shayan Dolatshahi and Dolatshahi scored in the corner. The score at this point was 8-43.

Some great individual efforts showcased during the game and worth mentioning were by Pius’ winger Sam Ferguson, fly-half Charlie Sharp, fullback Oscar MacDonald and lock Monte Tanfield. On Oakhill’s side flanker Cooper Griffin, lock Angus Griffin, fullback Patrick Spence and scrum-half Finn Watkins were all playing top rugby.

With 10 minutes left in the game, Shayan Dolatshahi managed to score his fifth try. He got the ball on the wing and did an excellent chip and chase scoring under the posts thus making the margin 42 points. 

The last try of the game was by back Matthew Hurst. Oakhill had a scrum 30 metres from the try line, they gave the ball out wide to Matthew Hurst and he made a line-break which saw him scoring the last try of the game. The conversion was successful by Brae Harriss.

The final score was 8-57 Oakhill’s way. Oakhill player’s player was five try scorer Shayan Dolatshahi. Pius awarded Oakhill’s fullback Patrick Spence and flanker Jett Peters best player and Oakhill awarded Pius best back to fly-half Charlie Sharp and best forward to hooker Nick Moutevelis.




St. Igantius College v The Shore School 
36 -12

By Harrison Hartnell, Riverview Rugby Media


Kickoff, Riverview started strong scoring early by Liam Dempsey ending half time at 12/12,

Riverview subsequently responded with 4 consecutive tries, try scorers;

Jack Bowen = 2

William Perkins = 1

Felix Connors =1

Liam Dempsey =1 

Liam Grover = 1

Finishing the game with a 36 - 12 full time.