Three ways we are building an inclusive world with What Ability

Tue, Mar 5, 2024, 12:33 AM
Waratahs Media
by Waratahs Media

Welcome to a journey of discovery where we celebrate our newly announced partnership with What Ability as we come together to lead the charge to build an inclusive world.

If you’re looking for disability support that puts happiness first, sign up today!

So, how is What Ability building an inclusive world?

1) Game On: Utilising the Power of Sport

We believe sport has the power to change lives and the world. Sport unites, celebrates, and champions.

Athletes are some of the most influential figures in our community. They have the power to break down existing barriers and stigmas in the disability sector. Utilising professional athletes as support workers is one step forward to building an inclusive world.

Part of breaking down stigmas means increasing visibility in a positive light. People living with a disability are members of our community. The more time spent among their community peers, the more visibility there is and the more barriers we break down.

Imagine Waratahs prop Angus Bell enjoying a coffee at a cafe with a participant with Autism. Wallaroos Captain, Piper Duck, spotted on a day out at the zoo with a participant with Down Syndrome.

Increasing awareness will go a long way in normalising disability. 

2) To Do: Prioritise Happiness

You may have heard the expression, ‘Happiness Comes First’. This is What Ability’s mantra and is at the forefront of the disability support they provide. What Ability is an NDIS registered disability support service and specialise in 1:1 community access and camps.

Now you may have an image in your mind of what this looks like. Think again!

From Jetski Rides, Beach Days, Flip Out to Dream World, you name it, they are the experts in putting FUN  first in a safe environment. You may have even spotted support workers Angus Bell, Piper Duck, and Leilani Nathan doing an activity just like this.

3) Turn up the Volume: Be the loudest voice in the room

Together, Waratahs and What Ability are increasing the visibility of disability across the entire Rugby Union landscape. It's through this increased awareness that education and understanding in the broader community will follow.

From game day activations to featuring on the big screen, we are working together to make sure we are LOUD, we are HEARD and we are making a collective difference.

Diversity is being invited to the game.

Inclusion is being asked to play.

Together, we are leading the charge to build a future where everyone can play. This is how sport will change the world.

If you’re looking for 1:1 disability support with community access and overnight camps, get in touch with the team that’s putting happiness first!