Rugby Australia runs the Performance Coach (Level 4) program for coaches. One of the requirements is that each participant completes a major project on an agreed topic that range between technical and tactical, through to sports science and ways to develop club culture.

This library presents papers from this program and provides a historical perspective on coaching thoughts from 1998 to the present.



Psych for Rugby – Anthony Eddy (1998)

Developing tactical decision makers – David Bond (2000)

Start thinking Sevens – J Gardner (2000)

Captaincy – I Jones (2000)

Decision making and coaching – John Ross (2001)

Developing tactically efficient players – Paul Nixon (2002)

Coaching decision making in rugby – Joel Dunn (2004)

Game leaders – Andy Tucker (2004)

The principles of playing good Sevens – Bill Millard (2004)

Communication and its relationship to rugby performance – Colin Snowden (2005)

General play attack.  The development of intelligent performers – Martin Field-Dodgson (2005)

The logic of the move – Chris Coleman (2006)

Developing Decision Making for Rugby - Shirley Russell (2007)

Developing the edge in players and coaches - Kane Jury (2008)

Playing what you see or playing who you see – Matt McGoldrick (2008)

Should we take the points – Greg Thompson (2015)

Improving tactical development – Ben Manion (2015)

Understanding the Back Row – Paul Hardwick (2015)

How to develop the instinctive player – Ben Rutherford (2016)



How is Rugby fitness testing applied in the HKRFU and how it relates to the game – Dean Herewini (2000)

The Fast Feet and Agility Programme as a Core Component in Coaching Rugby Union – Andrew Cole (2002)

Maximizing the effectiveness & transfer of training to performance in rugby – Nic Leah (2002)

Maximising sports performance in the future – Rob McIntosh (2002)

Key factors that influence the pace of the game – Stephen Roberts (2002)

Little player will beat big player – Jun Sano (2004)

The role of the modern half-back. Is he a nine or seven perhaps – Craig Hawkings (2005)

Training ethics and motivation within HK rugby players – Colin Bisley (2007)

Preparing Rugby players for competition in hot and humid conditions - Dale Roberson (2008)

It's not all about Game Sense - Michael Crank (2011)

“Match” practice as a way of improving team preparation – Adrian Blundell (2015)

A comparison of reactive agility in three steps for rugby players – Hideyuki Kimura (2015)



Successful goal kicking using visualization and routines – Bob Wood (2002)

The development of the multi-skilled player – Mark Holmes (2002)

Game tactics & challenge games – Hugh Carpenter (2004)

Core skills and agility coaching – Paul Carozza (2004)

Skills and drills to develop sound tackling techniques in the young athlete – Phil Brown (2004)

How Rugby can benefit from improved kicking technique. A breakdown of AFL kicking technique and its portability to rugby – Ian Fowler (2005)

Are we coaching skills or coaching for results – John Mulvihill (2005)

Clearing Pass. To clear or sweep – Craig Leseberg (2007)

Halfback passing. A framework – Sam Pinder (2011)

Clearance pass – Tim Rapp (2011)

Place Kicking - Tim Sampson (2013)

Transfer and learning of skills into game performance – Patrick Byron (2015)

Sevens Rugby. Core skills in action – Sione Fukofuka (2015)

Skill acquisition and transfer - Rob Sadler (2017)

Contestable Kicks - Brad Harris (2013)



Penetrating an inside- shoulder defense – Damien Hill (2000)

Breaking down the lateral defensive line – Geoff Townsend (2000)

Coaching general play – Damon Emtage (2001)

If we can’t pass left to right then we can’t attack – Keith Harron (2002)

How much structure is enough – Michael O’Connor (2002)

Implementing linear support – Andrew Tranent (2002)

A pyramid attacking formation from slow ball – John Muggleton (2004)

Training principles for general play attack – Scott Bowen (2004)

Constructing back-line attack – Shannon Fraser (2005)

Lateral and linear support – Sam Chan (2005)

Improving support play in Country rugby – Col Jeffs (2005)

Lateral passing patterns at elite schoolboy level – David Meehan (2005)

Line break analysis- Jason Gilmore (2006)

Alternate back-line structure - Bill Gordon-Thomson (2006)

Analysis of the involvements of the blind winger at National and International level during the first two-phases – Craig Roberts (2007)

Decision making skills for players with ball in hand – Gene Tong (2007)

How to Attack Effectively - Roy Saunders (2007)

Maintaining continuity. Ball movement is the key to success – Jarrod Hodges (2008)

Challenging the advantage line - Brett Johnston (2010)

What is continuity and how important is it the modern game – Garrick Morgan (2010)

Organising & creating line breaks - Russell Ingram (2010)

Attacking effectively in general play – Damion Ryan (2011)

Attacking from your own half. Too risky – Expo Mejia (2011)

Getting over the advantage line. How to manipulate space – Stu Woodhouse (2011)

Offloading. High risk but is it really high return – David Enfantie (2011)

Phase play attack – Alex Chang (2015)

Starter plays. Time well spent or wasted time – Alex Stajka (2016)

Counter attack statistics and systems – Daniel Hooper (2016)

The role of shape & patterns in the modern game - Justin Carroll (2016)

Improving the speed and accuracy of decision making in attacking rugby - Justin Abrahams (2017)

Structure v Unstructure - Peter Hewat (2017)

Attack variables and capabilities - Ryan Schultz (2017)



Defensive patterns – JMA Walker (2000)

Attack without the ball. A look at defense – Brian Melrose (2002)

Analysis of the Reds defensive effort. Tries conceded during the 2008 super 14 season – M Taylor (2008)

Winning the advantage line and the effects by defensive pressure at the breakdown – Marco Caputo (2011)

The expanding role of the tackler - Nathan Grey (2013)

Tackle. The key factors for effective tackle – Norikazu Yao (2016)

Defense essentials and systems - Elton Berrange (2017)



What to do at the breakdown. Rucking and mauling choices – Brendan Allardyce (2001)

Mauling – Matt Ryan (2002)

Factors influencing quick ruck ball – Matt Kaye (2005)

To Hammer or not to Hammer.  That is the question – Steve Talbot (2005)

Effectively Training for Dynamic Phase Play - Brenden Loag (2006)

Ruck defense – Andrew Hill (2007)

Decision Making during Phase Play - H Bowen (2008)

The effects of inertia on the contact area - Tabai Matson (2008)

How to develop decision-making for attacking support players following the ball carrier into contact – Michael Magriplis (2010)

The breakdown - Adam Fahey (2010)

The Importance of a long two-handed place in maintaining possession – Brett Gallagher (2011)

Winning Collisions - Anthony Connellan (2013)

Tackle contest. Philosophies, tactics & technical elements – Mark Philp (2013)

Managing Ruck Speed - Jono Farrell (2015)

Dominant ball carriers. An integral role in high performing teams – Ben McCormack (2015)

Contact. It’s importance in the modern game – Lachlan Parkinson (2015)

Tackle contest as a point of attack – Brad Gill (2015)

The Tackle Contest - Dave Wells (2016)




Kick restart structures - Dai Edwards (2007)

Are you making the most of your kick offs – Mark Giacheri (2007)

Rugby restarts. A guide to the kick off and kick off receipt – Michael Lucas (2011)

What relevance does the contestable 50m restart have in creating scoreboard pressure on the opposition and what tactical or technical cues should we be coaching to achieve an advantage – Peter Wilkins (2013)


Analysing physiological responses and skill patterns for Under 19 Rugby Union Front Row forwards to determine the implications for training program design – Stephen Phillpotts (2001)

Scrums-have we got it right – Andrew Beattie (2002)

Tight five scrummaging. It’s all about body shape – Mark Bell (2005)

The benefits of a good scrum system and following proper process – John Mitchell (2006)

The Core. To successful scrummaging – David Hanham (2007)

Building an effective scrum - Dean Carlisle (2010)

The building blocks of a successful scrum – Elwee Prinsloo (2011)

Shaping the scrum. The rise and fall of the 2-3-2 formation and its indelible impact on the modern scrum – Andrew Fenton (2013)

The impact of the trial scrum engagement sequence on the scrum as an attacking platform in International rugby – Anthony Mathison (2013)

Rugby Union scrummaging. Restart, Attack, Defence and other considerations – Enrique Edgardo Rodriguez Basi (2016)


How to defend against and compete on the opposition’s throw into a lineout – David McKnight (2000)

Lineouts – Nathan Holman (2002)

Where is all the tall timber – Bill Swain (2003)

Lineouts. The development of winning primary possession – Mark Robinson (2004)

The structure and functioning of a winning lineout – Rob Nowlan (2004)

Developing the driving maul and defending the driving maul from a lineout – Michael Kelynack (2005)

Lineout throws, ball winning and ball usage from lineouts – John Manenti (2006)

The lineout. Blocked training versus random practice training – Nick Stiles (2007)

Winning lineouts. The race for space at pace - Pat Callanan (2008)

Lineout calling and defense systems - Scott Coleman (2010)

The lineout throw - John Eden (2010)

Components of lineout jumping – Owen Finegan (2011)

The lineout and its scoring potential - Ross Hopkins (2013)

Learning from the best. Key coaching factors of lineout defense – Masahiko Miyao (2015)

Technical aspects of lineout lifting - Scott Allen (2016)

Building a successful lineout – Kelevi Tuicolo (2017)



Understanding and coaching Polynesian Island youth at an elite level – Archie Kennedy (2001)

Key factors for training and concentration – Val Tyson (2002)

All in the mind - Chris Roche (2006)

Questioning for intelligent performance - Carl Marshall (2008)

Empowerment of the player by understanding the player - Steve Montgomery (2010)

Stress as it relates to the coach’s performance – Rob Murdock (2011)

Mental health. Mental toughness – Grant Oakley (2015)

Coaching mindset. Growth or fixed - Grant Anderson (2016)

The role of emotional intelligence in coaching - David Idstein (2017)

Fixed mindset & growth mindset – Luke Oxford (2017)



Becoming a more efficient coach – Des Thornton (2001)

Examining the Game through the eyes of coaches and referees – B Timms (2002)

The role of the club coach or rugby manager – Paul Shepherd (2002)

Empowerment Coaching - Carl Jones (2006)

Alignment in a rugby program - Les Kiss (2006)

The role of a coach in a losing streak - Mike Allen (2007)

The impact of modern lifestyles on rugby players and issues for how we coach – Craig Morrison (2008)

The art of coaching. Player management – Josh Philpot (2008)

Coaching in a foreign land - Glen Panoho (2010)

Creating a club culture - Graeme O'Donnell (2010)

Creating a positive team environment - Jay Tregonning (2010)

The role of a Premier Grade coach. Much more than just a rugby coach – Dan McKellar (2010)

Player Coach relationships - Ruhan Van Zyl (2011)

Components of Success - Ian Brown (2013)

Understanding the impact culture can have on a rugby program – Daniel Brown (2016)

Role of the Head Coach - Mark Gudmunson (2016)

Is coaching representative teams harder - Tony Doherty (2016)

Character and behaviour - Cole Mooney (2017)

How to compete. A blueprint for success - Paul Jeffery (2017)

Team Identity - Sam Harris (2017)



The future of Rugby – Doug Hauff (2000)

Rugby Professionalism – Greg Marr (2000)

The Physical Education Teacher as Coach: A fundamental conflict of interest – Craig Pain (2002)

The principles of playing good Sevens – Bill Millard (2004)

The game is changing again – Jeff Miller (2004)

Utility players. What value do they bring to a team – Paul Brown (2004)

Coaching junior rugby. Core skills training v winning emphasis – Matt Brennan (2004)

Rugby coaching then and now. A comparison of coaching and training techniques in club rugby and the changes over the past ten years – Michael Doyle (2004)

Game sense and rugby coaching – John Evans (2006)

Do you have to have been an elite player to be an elite coach – Matt Tink (2007)

Can 7s Rugby improve Australian rugby - Jason Grier (2013)

The Art of Coaching - Mark Debrincat (2013)

Building Long Term Club Success - Tony Munro (2013)

Community Rugby coaches: Is their role inspirational or educational – Greg Thompson (2015)

Bridging the cultural divide – Setu Naseri (2015)

Rugby, media and the Americans. The impact on Australian Ruby – Paul Simonsson (2015)

Culture or winning. How do you measure your success – Phil Green (2015)

Quality management system application in rugby – James McLaren (2017)

Australian Rugby pathways - Jeremy Paul (2017)

How to make a whole school rugby program more effective - Jon Fitzgerald (2017)

Participation v elite pathways. Are we on the right track to getting the best talent playing rugby in the crowded winter sports landscape – Lachlan White (2017)

Why Country rugby is a true value proposition - Mat Thomas (2017)

Team culture within the women's game - Moana Virtue (2017)

Building culture within a school environment - Tai Glassie (2017)



Skills required for selectors and what to look for in players. The thirteen principles – J Gallagher (2001)

NSW Country Cockatoos 2004_Some thoughts on selection – Andrew Cox (2005)

Selection of your backrow players – Frank Condi (2006)

How to periodise decision making into your annual plan - Matt Grimison (2006)

Planning your coaching season - Sean Barrett (2010)

Plan for the season plan - Daniel Atkins (2016)



Establishing a junior Rugby club – Greg Hulme (2000)

Getting to know your drug dealer – D Ley (2002)

Statistics. Live collection and implementation – Ian Westwood (2004)

National competition – Matt Pini (2005)

The importance of stats in the modern game - Baden Stephenson (2006)

Stellenbosch Laws – Andrew Moloney (2007)

Tactics implemented in relation to the Experimental Law Variations in Brisbane Premier rugby – Chris Lane (2008)

The Pacific Island rugby player - Dwayne Grace (2013)

Coaching youth athletes - Cam Mcintosh (2016)

Analysing performance. Why do coaches analyse – Neil Tunnah (2016)

It’s not all about winning. A modern sporting example to achieve program outcomes – Stephen O’Brien (2016)

Rugby loyalty. Play for country of heritage or country of residence - Anare Koliavu (2017)

Analysis. As coaches are we doing enough - Greg Nelson (2017)

Wests Elite Player Development Squad - Mick Tunny (2017)

Prep-Review-National Champions - Nathan McMahon (2017)

Maiden voyage of the Fijian Drua in the NRC - Senirusi Seruvakula (2017)