Community Requests

Player & Coach Appearances

The NSW Waratahs enjoy taking time out for player appearances right across NSW. As we receive many player appearance requests please refer to our criteria below:

  • The official request form is to be completed at least three weeks prior to your event date 
  • At the time of the submission all information must be finalised. This includes location of appearance, start and finish time, dress code and what is required of the player during the appearance. Should there be any changes to an appearance, NSW Waratahs reserves the right to cancel the initial request date and reschedule the appearance for another time.  
  • Each player appearance must also have a clear purpose and defined objectives as to what they want to achieve with the players present.
  • Requests for events which fall on a NSW Waratahs match days are not able to be fulfilled due to the existing player commitments at both Super Rugby and Shute Shield levels.
  • Players’ schedules are often subject to late change. Whilst NSW Waratahs will always endeavour to fulfil all commitments, occasionally appearances may be cancelled or amended at late notice, or fulfilled by a replacement player. Should this occur, NSW Waratahs will contact you as soon as possible to advise of the change. 
  • All requests from charities, clubs, schools or community groups/events must satisfy at least one of the following criteria. Requests for events and/or activities which support all these objectives will be prioritised. Requests must support rugby development, youth and education or health and well being.
  • The event or activity must not be associated with any conflicting sponsors of the NSW Waratahs or NSW Rugby Union. A full list of sponsors can be found on in the corporate section.
  • Each appearance must have a clear purpose and a goal that the requestor wants to achieve
  • No high risk activities (considered by NSW Waratahs as having potential to cause injury) will be considered
  • Appearance requests are to be a maximum of two hours. Any extension of this may be considered but cannot be guaranteed
  • NSW Waratahs players and coaches must be provided a point of contact who will meet them on arrival
  • The team endeavours to attend as many appearances as possible within the constraints of the players' training, playing, travel and other commitments
Tah Man Requests

Tah Man, the NSW Waratahs' Mascot, is very popular within the rugby community and especially a hit with our younger fans. Tah Man appearances may be requested for rugby-related activities only and availability will need to be checked at the time of request. Clubs who are requesting Tah Man should be aware that there is a hire fee which covers the cost of the actor plus suit dry-cleaning and maintenance. Once the availability of Tah Man is confirmed the hire fee will be advised and booking can then be made accordingly. Please note the Tah Man appearance conditions below:

  • A dedicated minder must be provided at all times when Tah Man is in costume, for safety reasons due to limited visibility when wearing the helmet. This is non-negotiable. 
  • A change room / appropriate space must be provided for Tah Man to change in and out of the costume. 
  • Drink refreshments must be provided to Tah Man, as the temperature inside the suit can be very high. 
  • No individual other than the official designated ‘Tah Man’ may wear the costume. 
  • Tah Man should only be referred to as Tah Man on the day of the activity / appearance.
  • Should the suit be damaged in your possession, any costs associated with fixing it will be borne by the club
  • It is the responsibility of the requester to pick up and drop off the Tah Man suit in the condition they acquired it.
  • Advertising: Waratahs Rugby and NSW Rugby logos cannot be used without permission being provided in writing by a designated representative of NSW rugby. If you are planning to promote Tah Man’s attendance at your event on any promotional material including posters, flyers or other advertisements, this must be stated in your application.
Signed Memorabilia Requests

If you are from a NSW based rugby club and would like to request signed memorabilia for fundraising activities, please click on the following link:

The approval and notification process

Your request will be assessed according to the request criteria. This process may take anywhere from one week to one month. Once your request has been assessed, you will receive written confirmation of our decision via email. Please ensure all forms submitted include a valid email address and note that NSW Waratahs does not accept responsibility for contacting organisations who submit incorrect or incomplete requests. Unfortunately, even if your request satisfies the criteria, we cannot guarantee it will be met due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive. Tah Man requests may not be confirmed until the week of your request.

If you are successful in your request please be aware that additional permission will be required to include reference to NSW Waratahs or use of the NSW Rugby logo, in advertising or promotion (such as on flyers) of your event. If you have any further enquiries, please email or phone NSW Waratahs on (02) 9323 3300.


Players are happy to sign autographs when personally approached at appearances and after training or games, unless directed otherwise by officials or venue / security staff for safety reasons.

The NSW Waratahs are unable to accept merchandise or personal items sent in for signing. Any items received will be sent back to the owner unsigned, any postal charges may be borne by the sender.