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Girls' & Women's Rugby

In NSW, female club rugby participation has grown from 5% of total club players to close to 13% in 3 years, with girls and women now making up 35% of participants at Rugby 7s tournaments. NSW Rugby’s vision is to grow female participation to well over 20% of the rugby playing population by establishing a female team in every club and school across NSW.   The Positive Rugby Foundation is committed to raising funds to help ensure systems are in place that encourage and support female participation at a local level right though to elite.

Fundraising priorities include:
  • Training and developing high quality coaches for girls and women’s rugby ensuring each participant experiences quality rugby development.
  • Hiring a Female Rugby Growth/Engagement Coordinator to work directly with the Schools Relationship Manager to grow female participation in schools.
  • Delivering effective health and safety programs for girls and women new to rugby, whilst educating them on the countless physical, emotional and cognitive benefits of rugby.

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