NSW Juniors

Schools & Junior Rugby

Rugby is a great educational vehicle for young boys and girls.  It plays a unique role in the development of vital life skills which also contribute to a young person’s social, emotional and physical wellbeing.  The Positive Rugby Foundation is working to ensure this sport, rich in life lessons and life skills is adequately supported in both traditional and non-traditional rugby playing schools, as well as local Junior clubs with the goal of broadening the availability, quality and impact of rugby. 

Fundraising priorities include:
  • Funding Schools Relationship Managers to work with schools to identify how rugby can be utilised to support co-curricular, pastoral and academic programs for boys and girls.
  • Improve access to high quality coaching resources, utilising the positive coaching framework which includes a focus on mental as well as physical wellbeing for young people.
  • Develop resources and materials that provide up to date, parent friendly information and resources on player safety.
  • Hiring a Female Rugby Growth/Engagement Coordinator to work directly with the Schools Relationship Manager to grow female participation in schools.