Best of Sevens head to nationals

by Waratahs Media

The best of NSW will represent the State at the National Sevens championships in Brisbane next week following confirmation of the squads.

NSW will have six teams competing, including two teams in each of the three categories: Youth Girls Under 17s, Youth Boys Under 17s and Open Men.

Head Coach of the Open Men’s teams, Marshall Milroy said picking the final 12 for each of the teams was challenging.

“We have tremendous talent in our State and it would be fair to say that the players didn’t make it easy for us to settle on the final squads,” Milroy said.

“Following two months of intensive training, trials, and tournaments the final squads feature players from the last two years’ nationals, including several players who have advanced from the NSW Youth programme and three players who are in the Australian Men’s Sevens wider squad,” he added.

Head Coach of the Youth Girls teams Kieran Smith said: “Queensland are clearly the team to beat having won the past two tournaments and they have home ground advantage. We are ready for the challenge though. We have trust in our preparation, trust in our systems, and trust in our players. We’re confident we’ll put in a good performance."

Head Coach of the Youth Boys teams, Chris Delooze, said: “As in previous years, both of the Youth Boys teams will be extremely competitive. NSW Blue have won the last three national titles and last year both NSW teams qualified top in their respective pools. The boys have been training extremely well over the last six weeks and both teams are ready for another big tournament. There will be a number of returning players in the Blue team and that extra experience will be important in the knock out stages of the competition.”




NSW 1s Squad

1. Will Terry

2. Damien Fleming

3. Harley Attwater

4. Jale Seninawanawa

5. Hunter Ward

6. James Turner

7.  Josh Petero

8. Kodie Hawkins

9. Dimitry Chipizbov

10. Jaline Graham

11. Greg Jouledev

12. Josh Turner

Coach Marshall Milroy

Manager Dale Winslow

Physio Juliette Harrisson


NSW 2s Squad

1. Kane Ladhams

2. Ofa Siale

3. Malelili Vuku

4. Matt Teki

5. Dion Spice

6. Jack Walsh

7.  Ben Crerar

8. Yool Yool

9. Conor Hickey

10. Kepu Lokotui

11. Jed Ibbotson

12. Blaise Barnes

Coach David Nichols

Manager Miguel Duadulao

Physio Maddy Reedy



Blue Team (NSW 1s)

1. Jordan Williams

2. Viliami Penisini

3. Joseph-Aukuso Suaalii

4. Nicholas Chan

5. Mitchell Painter

6. Joshua Rizk

7.  Ronald Volkman

8. Ben Dowling

9. Jack Mossman

10. Kaeo Weekes

11. Tolutau Boris Koula

12. Liam Dalibozek

Coach Christopher Delooze

Manager Expedito Mejia

Physio Andrew Farley


White Team (NSW 2s)

1. Levi Milford

2. Marco Moretti

3. Dally Bird

4. Daniel O'Briedn

5. Thomas Aveyard

6. Tom Gratwicke

7. Heath Lancaster

8. Preston Simpson

9. Emery Jolliffe

10. George Clark

11. Hamish Cressey

12. Oliver Evans

Coach James Lancaster

Manager Madeleine Gratwicke

Physio Ryan Abbott



Blue Team (NSW 1s)

1. Leanne Toomalati

2. Miah O'Sullivan

3. Katalina Amosa

4. Tia Hinds

5. Phoebe McLoughlin

6. Mareva Swann

7. Bienne Terita

8. Piper Duck

9. Tegan Dymock

10. Lily Murdoch

11. Zali Hopkins

12. Janalee Conroy

Coach Kieran Smith

Manager Alice Barber

Physio Tara Vance


White Team (NSW 2s)

1. Gardinia Faalogo

2. Viena Tinao

3. Falika Pohiva

4. Cassey Tohi-Hiku

5. Louisa Yarranamua

6. Jada Taylor

7. Aroha Spilane

8. Grace Tokabobo

9. Litiana Tiufua

10. Mia Enright

11. Jamie Chapman

12. Bronti Westaway

Coach Fidel Tukel

Manager Peri Huru Maika

Physio Adam Dallas