2 AUG - NSW Schools Report Card

NSW Rugby Union
by NSW Rugby



Waverley College 47 def 14 St Aloysius' College 
Barker College 22 def 8 Trinity Grammar School, Sydney
Knox Grammar School 28 def 24 Cranbrook School 


St Pius X College 43 def 22 St Gregory's College, Campbelltown
Oakhill College 19 def 10 St Patrick's College, Strathfield 

will commence this weekend.


St. Patrick’s 1st XV  v Oakhill College 1st XV


By Oscar Nowak Allcorn, Oakhill Y9 Student & NSW Rugby Junior Reporter
2 August 2020

It was a sensational day for playing rugby at St. Patrick's College - a typical sunny Sydney winter’s day with perfectly clear blue skies and cool temperatures. Following the many Oakhill and St. Patrick’s teams playing each other throughout the day, it was time for Oakhill’s 1st XV to play against St. Patrick’s 1st XV. 

Oakhill started the game, kicking to St. Patrick’s. Straight off the kick the intensity of the game was very high with some solid tackles being made. Both teams had their hands on the ball early in the game showing great defence and structure. 

8 minutes into the game and St. Patrick’s backline tried to get the first points up on the board. They were 50 metres away from the tryline and Pats had an overlap out on the wing. They passed the ball all the way to winger Lachlan Bortolussi who grubber kicked it along the side line eventually going into touch 5 metres to the try line. Oakhill had the opportunity to kick the ball out of their half but the line out wasn’t thrown in straight, allowing St. Patrick’s to have the line out feed 5 metres from the try line. St. Patrick’s took the ball from the line out and formed a maul. Oakhill was very good holding St.Patrick’s off the line at defence, making St. Patrick’s realise they needed to use their backline. The backline passed the ball all the way out to winger Levi Conti who put the ball over the tryline and put the first points of the game on the scoreboard.

The game was very physical with a lot of good rugby being played by both teams, making the simple things really stand out, such as when St. Patrick's backline was always going for the wide ball when they had possession of the ball and the great runs by both teams’ forwards. 

Just under the 20 minutes into the game Oakhill had conceived a lot of penalties for multiple infringements.

At 24 minutes Oakhill got very close to scoring. Oakhill was 40 metres from the try line and they kicked the ball into the right corner where winger Shayan Dolatshahi chased the ball and grounded it on the try line. The referee did not award Oakhill the try because Dolatshahi was called offside. 

2 minutes later, Oakhill, again got very close to the try line but St. Patrick’s did very well to defend, holding Oakhill up on the try line 2 times. Eventually prop Jayden Moujalli grounded the ball on the right side of the try line leveling the scoreboard at 5-5.

The half time score sat at 5-5.

Straight off the kick off the intensity picked up to the point where Oakhill’s number 4 Cameron Terheegde dislocated his shoulder. 

Oakhill delivered a great play 4 minutes into the game. Oakhill was 20 metres from the try line and centre Brock Wells grubber kicked the ball into the in-goal area. The ball was chased by both teams with St.Patrick’s just picking up the ball and getting tackled in the in-goal area.  
4 minutes later, Oakhill’s number 9, Finn Watkins made a great line break and just got tackled 10 metres from the try line. A few phases later Oakhill’s center Josh Basso stepped one defender and then another. The only thing that stood in his way from scoring was the full back which he stepped and scored for Oakhill putting them in the lead. The try was converted by James Skuodas.
With 12 minutes into the second half St.Patrick’s was very close from scoring but after 15 phases of constant play Oakhill turned the ball over in the breakdown. They got the ball out of their 22 by kicking it 50 metres down the field. It was now St.Patrick’s line out but the referee called it not being straight. For the next 5-10 minutes running rugby was being played by both teams. 

20 minutes into the second half and Oakhill’s winger James Skuodas found the try line. Skuodas made a line break and stepped 2 defenders and scored straight under the post with only 15 minutes until full time. Skuodas converted his own try.

5 minutes later there were some great runs showcased by individual players from both teams: Ben Fitzhenry and Jett Peters from Oakhill and Joseph Nohra from St.Patrick’s. 

Oakhill were leading 19-5 and Pats were looking to get another try in before the final whistle only 3 minutes away.  St.Patrick’s were extremely close to scoring out on the wing but a great try saving tackle by Oakhill’s number 10, Doug Sullivan stopped St.Patrick’s from scoring. 

In the very last minute of the game St.Patrick’s had the ball and were very close to the try line. Their backline passed the ball out to number 15 Joseph Nohra who found a gap and ran straight through it to score. 

The full time whistle blew and Oakhill defeated St.Patrick’s  by 9 points. Both teams played an exciting, fast and physical game.