NSW Rugby Union Introduces Innovative Role: Mid North Coast Zone Manager & Rugby For Good Project Officer

Tue, Mar 26, 2024, 2:00 AM
NSW Rugby
by NSW Rugby

In a move aimed at growing rugby development and community engagement, the NSW Rugby Union has announced the creation of a new role: the Mid North Coast Zone Manager & Rugby For Good Project Officer.

This unique position represents a fusion of zone management responsibilities with a focus on driving Rugby For Good initiatives and overall rugby development.

The Mid North Coast Zone Manager & Rugby For Good Project Officer will be tasked with a diverse array of responsibilities. Not only will they oversee zone management duties, such as coordinating competitions and supporting clubs, but they will also spearhead Rugby For Good projects aimed at addressing social needs and fostering safe communities and clubs.

Crucial to the creation of this role has been the collaboration between the Mid North Coast Zone and the NSW Positive Rugby Foundation along with the endorsement of NSW Country Rugby Union.

Working together since late 2023, a model has been created that is not only sustainable, but anticipated to have a huge positive impact on rugby development in the region.

The success of Rugby For Good programs in addressing various social issues across Northern NSW serves as a testament to the potential impact of this hybrid role.

These programs have tackled issues ranging from mental health to homelessness, youth detention, and suicide prevention. Using rugby as a vehicle, these initiatives have made significant strides in building stronger, more resilient communities.

What makes this development even more exciting is its potential to serve as a model for continued growth across all of NSW.

By integrating zone management with Rugby For Good initiatives, this hybrid role presents a holistic approach to rugby development—one that not only nurtures talent on the field but also fosters social responsibility and community cohesion off the field.

NSW Country Rugby Union Executive Officer, Stephen O’Brien said

“This is great news and a really positive step forward and compliments the great work happening across Western and North Western NSW. NSW Country Rugby Union strategic plans had been looking at ways in which to help support clubs and competitions.

The partnership with the NSW Positive Rugby Foundation has unlocked this strategic opportunity and NSWCRU are excited about building similar models targeted to our zones wants and needs.”

As the NSW Rugby Union moves forward with this innovative approach, the Mid North Coast Zone Manager & Rugby For Good Project Officer stands as a beacon of progress—a symbol of the union's commitment to using rugby as a force for positive change within communities across the state.