Schools rugby wrap

by Waratahs Media

A dream for many Oakhill College students is to be selected to play in the 1st XV on the school’s annual Gala Day.

As the players ran out onto the field and into the tunnel, it looked like Oakhill’s tunnel would never end. When the players finally got through the tunnel they were greeted by their opponents.

Both teams played very well in the opening five minutes, in which Oakhill’s inside center Zachary Fitzhenry made a great break deep into Shore’s half. However, Shore were too strong in the breakdowns in getting a lot of ball through turnovers.

Shore managed to make a lot of metres through a number of phases. They managed to get to within five metres of the try line. Shore knew that they needed to spread the ball out wide to counter Oakhill’s strong defensive line. Shore passed the ball to their backs and executed a backline play to get over the line.

Oakhill, desperate to get their first win in the lead up to the ISA competition was determined to get some points on the board. Following some great plays from Oakhill, their backs found an opportunity out wide to score. Halfback Lachlan James looked for Flynn Angles-Corke. Angles-Corke passed it out wide to center Zachary Fitzhenry. Fitzhenry passed it to Brock Wells who saw a gap for Fitzhenry. Wells passed the ball inside to Fitzhenry who dived over the try line to score the first points for Oakhill.

The forwards from both teams had to work very hard in the opening first ten minutes of the game due to a large number of scrums - there were a total of 9 scrums in the first ten minutes. This resulted in the backs executing some great plays and defending. Both teams performed very well.

Once again Oakhill were pushed to defend their try line and needed to get the ball out of their half. Flynn Angles-Corke has shown throughout the start of this season he has an incredible boot to push the ball out of the danger zone - in this encounter, consistently smashing the ball 60 or so metres to get the ball well out of their half.

With only 7 minutes until the half time siren, both teams were tied on 5 points. Both teams were desperate to get in front. Shore found an opportunity to score. Halfback Tom Nicholl hearing his backs calling for the ball passed the to his number 10, Bobby Miller. Miller, in turn, passed the ball out wide, getting Shore to cross the line and score a try, giving Shore the lead going into half time.

When the referee blew his whistle for the second half, both teams came back fired up to win the game.

In the 6th minute of the 2nd half, Oakhill’s lock Bailey Liddicoat made a break from the 22. Outside center Tom Watson called for the ball. Bailey passed the ball outside to Tom Watson who scored early in the second half.

Twenty minutes of the 2nd half consisted of a try after try from both teams.

With only 5 minutes of game time left, the impressive Oakhill scoreboard had the score 17-25 Shoes way. Oakhill desperately needed to score a converted try to have any chance of winning.

Shore were very lucky to have a penalty go their way. Shore kicked for touch and won their lineout and after a number of attacking phases, they crossed the line for a try. The try was converted by Shore’s debutant Charley Murry. This was their only converted try. Great kick Charley!

Oakhill’s dream of winning their 2019 Gala Day slipped away with Shore taking a 17-32 victory.

Oakhill played an outstanding game and were unlucky not to get their first win of the season. The look of disappointment on Captain Flynn Angles-Corke’s face and his team said it all. Regardless of the result, both teams put on a great game of rugby for those watching the game.

A win for Oakhill’s 1st XV is very close.


Oakhill College 1st XV 17 Vs Shore 1st XV 32

St Joseph’s 10 bt Kings 5

St Greg’s 27 bt St Pius X 17

Newington 22 bt Barker 19

St Augustine’s 27 bt St Pat’s 14

Scots 40 bt Knox 14

St Stanislaus 12 bt Kinross 8

Riverview 36 drew Waverley 36

Cranbrook 12 bt St Aloysius 5

St Joseph’s 3rds 24 bt Sydney High 5

Shore 32 bt Oakhill 17

The Armidale School 7 bt Shore 3rds 5

Sydney Grammar 19 bt Kings 3rds 12