Inge Visser takes her coaching to the next level

NSW Rugby Union
by NSW Rugby

Former Waratahs and Netherlands international player Inge Visser always knew what her next step was going to be when she hung up her boots.

Having a teaching background, Visser felt the transition from on the field, to being in the coaches box was easy.

When the opportunity came up to take her coaching to the next level through the Level 3 Emerging Talent Coach Program, she grabbed it with both hands.

“As a coach you can never stop learning - this course was a great way for everybody involved to upskill,” Visser said.

“I already had my Level 2, so I thought why not keep the momentum going, but this course was more than just the certificate.

“The networking opportunities throughout the Level 3 were amazing - to be able to learn from other coaches, and each other’s development was invaluable.

“When you’ve got people from club, school, representative and women’s rugby backgrounds all in the same room it’s a brilliant learning experience and provides such good insight,” she said.

As one of the only women part of the 2020 intake, Visser was keen to see more women become coaches, and better coaches.

“I really hope more women and girls want to come on board, to help keep growing our sport,” Visser said.

“I think it’s a good avenue for players to pursue once they are finished their careers on the field.

“Players who are retiring sometimes fall into a bit of a gap, not knowing what to do, and coaching is a great way to give back.

“I know for me, I saw it as a way to give back to the sport that has given me so many opportunities.

“When I retired in 2018, I picked up my coaching a bit more and I found that’s where my passion really lies,” she said.

Applications and more information for the 2021/22 Emerging Talent Coaching Program are now open - please contact Owain Roberts