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Return to Rugby Update - As of 11/10/21

Fri, 08/10/2021, 5:48 am
NSW Rugby
by NSW Rugby

Based on the recent NSW Government announcements and updates to the Public Health Orders, NSW Rugby can now provide a framework for the safe return of Community rugby.

From Monday 11 October 2021 (70% vaccination rate)

  • - An outdoor public gathering for sport or exercise – including training activities – may occur provided: People aged 16 and over are fully vaccinated or have a valid medical exemption (Medical Certificate required). There is no requirement for people aged under 16 to be vaccinated.
  • - There can be no more than 20 people involved including participants, officials, parents or spectators.
  • - At this time no contact training can occur only suitable exercise and training activities should be conducted in a COVID safe manner.
  • - The NSW Office of Sport has advised that all Clubs and Associations are expected to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan for all gatherings of the above nature. Your previous COVID Safety Plans can be used as a basis for this. Alternatively, NSW Government offer a general plan template.
  • - It is the responsibility of those participating in any gathering to comply with the vaccination or medical exemption requirements and obey the Public Health Orders at all times.
  • - Regardless of previous settings, restrictions will become uniform across NSW from 11 October 2021

From 80% Vaccination (expected to be 18 October – but to be confirmed)

  • - Community Sport including rugby can recommence for those over 16 that are vaccinated (or have a valid medical exemption) and all children.
  • - Rugby has a mandated minimum 7s and XVs Return to Play program in place to ensure players are properly conditioned and prepared for games in a safe manner. Games may resume as soon as the minimum requirements are met. Some of the Return to Play training exercises can be undertaken from 11 October 2021. However, the final block can only be undertaken from 80% vaccination when full contact training can recommence. A copy of the program is attached.

Other Considerations The NSW Government Roadmap indicates that:

  • - People from Greater Sydney are not able to travel to areas considered “Regional” and vice versa until the state hits the 80% double dose vaccination milestone.
  • - These guidelines cover the period 11 October 2021 through until the state hits the 80% double dose vaccination milestone, where a new set of Public Health Orders will be released by the NSW Government and further updates will be released by NSWRU.
  • - NSWRU strongly encourages anyone that can get vaccinated (over 12yo) to do so.
  • - Your local council may impose additional requirements in relation to field bookings and usage. Please contact your Competition Administrator or NSWRU should you require any guidance.
  • - This is an evolving landscape which may impact timelines, restrictions and requirements. NSWRU will continue to update you as changes occur.
  • - At present there are still some outstanding issues that are being worked through. For example, - how the vaccination status of participants will be checked, recorded and monitored and enforced. At this time we suggest to use best endeavours. - What happens if a COVID positive case attends a community sport event.

Additional information to navigate these current restrictions are located at the Office of Sport website .

Paul Doorn Chief Executive Officer