NSW Rugby and Kyushu Electric Power Kyuden Voltex sign MOU

Thu, Aug 10, 2023, 12:32 AM
Waratahs Media
by Waratahs Media

NSW Rugby Union are delighted to announce the signing of a business agreement with the Kyushu Electric Power Kyuden Voltex.

With the signing of this MOU the two organisations have the opportunity to exchange players, coaches, staff and know how. The MOU focuses on key areas such as youth development and education and the ability to hold training camps and international exchange matches in Australia and Japan.

Both NSW Rugby and Kyuden Voltex are committed to the regional development of rugby in both NSW and Kyushu.

The main goals of the MOU between NSW Waratahs and Kyuden Voltex Rugby Club are;

  • The development and improvement of the competitiveness of both teams
  • To improve and develop youth rugby levels in both NSW and Kyushu
  • To develop and improve the economic, business, cultural and community exchange between NSW and Kyushu through rugby