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Super Rugby Pacific
Moana Pasifika vs NSW Waratahs

Moana Pasifika
NSW Waratahs
  • Time Sat, 07/05/2022, 4:35 am
  • Location Mt Smart Stadium
  • Referee Angus Gardner
Moana Pasifika
Moana Pasifika
NSW Waratahs
NSW Waratahs
  • Aumua20'
  • Pole14'
  • Pietsch60'
  • Nawaqanitawase54'
  • Porecki37'
  • Perese27'
  • Leali'ifano22'
  • Leali'ifano15'
  • Donaldson62'
  • Edmed38'
  • Edmed28'
  • Leali'ifano45'
  • Leali'ifano9'
Penalty Goals
    Moana Pasifika
    Moana Pasifika
    NSW Waratahs
    NSW Waratahs
    20Defenders Beaten21
    2Clean Breaks5
    14Turnovers Conceded9
    21Missed Tackles20
    8Turnovers Won7
    12Kicks in Play17
    2/2Penalty GoalsN/A
    N/ADrop GoalsN/A
    83Rucks Won48
    3Rucks Lost5
    96%Rucks Success Rate90%
    3Mauls Won8
    Set Plays
    15Lineouts Won15
    3Lineouts Lost1
    83%Lineouts Success Rate93%
    3Scrums Won8
    1Scrums Lost1
    75%Scrums Success Rate88%
    11Penalties Conceded12
    0Red Cards0
    1Yellow Cards0
    Moana Pasifika
    Moana Pasifika
    NSW Waratahs
    NSW Waratahs
    Abraham Pole1Abraham Pole
    Angus Bell1Angus Bell
    Ray Niuia2Ray Niuia
    Dave Porecki2Dave Porecki
    Sekope Kepu3Sekope Kepu
    Archer Holz3Archer Holz
    Veikoso Poloniati4Veikoso Poloniati
    Jed Holloway4Jed Holloway
    Samuel Slade5Samuel Slade
    Geoff Cridge5Geoff Cridge
    Mike Curry6Mike Curry
    Will Harris6Will Harris
    Solomone Funaki7Solomone Funaki
    Charlie Gamble7Charlie Gamble
    Henry Time-Stowers8Henry Time-Stowers
    Rahboni Warren-Vosayaco8Rahboni Warren-Vosayaco
    Ereatara Enari9Ereatara Enari
    Jake Gordon9Jake Gordon
    Christian Leali'ifano10Christian Leali'ifano
    Tane Edmed10Tane Edmed
    Timoci Tavatavanawai11Timoci Tavatavanawai
    Dylan Pietsch11Dylan Pietsch
    Henry Taefu12Henry Taefu
    Lalakai Foketi12Lalakai Foketi
    Levi Aumua13Levi Aumua
    Izaia Perese13Izaia Perese
    Tima Fainga'anuku14Tima Fainga'anuku
    Mark Nawaqanitawase14Mark Nawaqanitawase
    William Havili15William Havili
    Alex Newsome15Alex Newsome
    Luteru Tolai16Luteru Tolai
    Tom Horton16Tom Horton
    Ezekiel Lindenmuth17Ezekiel Lindenmuth
    Tetera Faulkner17Tetera Faulkner
    Joe 'Apikotoa18Joe 'Apikotoa
    Ruan Smith18Ruan Smith
    Alex McRobbie19Alex McRobbie
    Hugh Sinclair19Hugh Sinclair
    Jack Lam20Jack Lam
    Langi Gleeson20Langi Gleeson
    Jonathan Taumateine21Jonathan Taumateine
    Jack Grant21Jack Grant
    Lincoln McClutchie22Lincoln McClutchie
    Ben Donaldson22Ben Donaldson
    Fine Inisi23Fine Inisi
    Triston Reilly23Triston Reilly
    Aaron Mauger
    Darren Coleman
    80End Of Second HalfIt's all over! The referee has blown their whistle to end the game.
    75Substitution onLincoln McClutchie comes on.
    75Substitution offHenry Taefu comes off.
    75Substitution onTriston Reilly comes on.
    75Substitution offIzaia Perese comes off.
    75Substitution onLangi Gleeson comes on.
    75Substitution offRahboni Warren-Vosayaco comes off.
    75Substitution onTetera Faulkner comes on.
    75Substitution offAngus Bell comes off.
    73Clean BreakA gap opened in the defence and Tima Fainga'anuku took full advantage.
    66Substitution onNSW Waratahs make a substitution with Tom Horton coming on.
    66Substitution offNSW Waratahs make a substitution with Dave Porecki coming off.
    63Substitution onMoana Pasifika sub Fine Inisi comes onto the field.
    63Substitution offLevi Aumua departs for Moana Pasifika.
    62Substitution onMoana Pasifika sub Jack Lam comes onto the field.
    62Substitution offVeikoso Poloniati departs for Moana Pasifika.
    62Conversion - KickedThe NSW Waratahs supporters go wild as Ben Donaldson successfully kicks the conversion.
    60Try - Passing MoveGreat hands by NSW Waratahs leads to a try for Dylan Pietsch
    60Try AssistSpellbinding play by Jed Holloway is finished off with a try.
    60Clean BreakThe defensive line has been broken as Mark Nawaqanitawase goes through the gap.
    56Clean BreakWhat a run here by Mark Nawaqanitawase as they get over the gainline!
    55Conversion - Missed LeftBen Donaldson has hooked the conversion to the left of the posts.
    54Try - Passing MoveA penetrating move by NSW Waratahs results in a try for Mark Nawaqanitawase.
    54Clean BreakWhat a run here by Mark Nawaqanitawase as they get over the gainline!
    54Try AssistThat's a great try assist by Jake Gordon.
    54Substitution onHugh Sinclair comes on.
    54Substitution offGeoff Cridge comes off.
    53Yellow cardTima Fainga'anuku (Moana Pasifika) is shown a yellow card
    50Substitution onBen Donaldson comes on.
    50Substitution offTane Edmed comes off.
    50Substitution onJoe 'Apikotoa comes on.
    50Substitution offSekope Kepu comes off.
    50Substitution onLuteru Tolai comes on.
    50Substitution offRay Niuia comes off.
    49Substitution onNSW Waratahs decide to make a substitution, with Ruan Smith getting some game time.
    49Substitution offNSW Waratahs decide to make a substitution, with Archer Holz being replaced.
    45Substitution onMoana Pasifika decide to make a substitution, with Ezekiel Lindenmuth getting some game time.
    45Substitution offMoana Pasifika decide to make a substitution, with Abraham Pole being replaced.
    45Penalty Goal - KickedChristian Leali'ifano makes no mistake with that penalty goal attempt.
    43Clean BreakChristian Leali'ifano makes the break as the defence re-enacts the parting of the red sea.
    40Start Of Second HalfThe second half kicks off.
    40End Of First HalfThe half-time whistle blows and both teams head for the dressing rooms.
    38Conversion - KickedTane Edmed does the business as their conversion attempt goes over.
    37Try - Close rangeThe pick and go results in a try for NSW Waratahs as Dave Porecki goes over.
    33Clean BreakFabulous play by NSW Waratahs has led to Izaia Perese being able to wriggle through a gap.
    32Substitution onAlex McRobbie comes on for Moana Pasifika.
    32Substitution offSamuel Slade leaves the field.
    28Conversion - KickedTane Edmed makes no mistake with that conversion attempt.
    27Try - Close rangeThe pressure has finally told as Izaia Perese scores from close range.
    27Clean BreakTrouble here as Izaia Perese breaches the defence.
    27Try AssistJake Gordon played a key part in that try.
    22Conversion - KickedChristian Leali'ifano makes no mistake with that conversion attempt.
    20Try - Passing MoveA wonderful passing move by Moana Pasifika is finished off by Levi Aumua
    20Try AssistThat's a great try assist by Sekope Kepu.
    15Conversion - KickedChristian Leali'ifano converts the try.
    14Try - Close rangeAbraham Pole scores the try from close range.
    14Try AssistSpellbinding play by Ereatara Enari is finished off with a try.
    9Penalty Goal - KickedChristian Leali'ifano kicks the penalty.
    0Start Of First HalfWe are underway as the referee blows their whistle.